Roy Webb in the Utah Adventure Journal

Utah Adventure Journal

Roy Webb, our Lead Advisor for Les Voyageurs, recently wrote an article about the French Trio, and his adventure as part of the film crew this past fall, for the Utah Adventure Journal. Roy is a leading authority on Western river history and originally uncovered the lost story of the Trio more than 20 years ago.

Les Voyageurs

Since the inception of Les Voyageurs, Roy has been a key advisor for the project, offering both archival materials related to the French Trio and his own insight on their historic voyage.

We were lucky enough to have Roy join us for the production trip through Lodore Canyon last September. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the area played a large part in the success of the production trip. Roy continues to be a key advisor for the film and we enjoyed all the memories reading his most recent article about the French Trio.

Read the article here.

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