Meet Audio Maven Alison

Though often overlooked, audio is essential to a great documentary. There is a common saying, in fact: “Good audio will carry bad video, but bad audio cannot carry good video.” So when it came to picking who to take down the river to record the audio, we knew we needed someone exceptional.

Not only would they have to survive the grueling 15-hour days, in the sun, mud, and mosquitoes of a 30-day river trip, they’d have one shot at making sure each interview was recorded without error. Any technical problem in the field could have ruined the trip. Luckily we had Alison. She joined us for both the river trip and our two week road trip across France. She’s now sorting the 100s of hours of recordings.

Going through the audio from the river and creating a sound library for the film has been a great experience.

Normally ambient audio for films of this sort are recorded at other, more convenient locations, such as Multnomah Falls, and I’m thrilled that we can uphold the integrity of the Green and Colorado Rivers, along with all the other amazing locations we visited, by using real, honest audio from those spots.  Additionally, hearing the crew’s voices and laughter in between takes has really brought me back-we had an amazing crew on this production, and it’s been a unique experience to be able to listen back on some amazing moments and memories.

I still have a bit of audio to go through, and I can’t wait to discover what clips and memories I find next.

– Alison Grayson…