On off electric cycle cam

One-off Electric “cycle Cam” Bike Helped Shoot Deadpool’s Flashiest Scenes


In addition to all the notice Deadpool has received for full scenes made with CGI, the movie also had some very stimulating Mavgyver instants when it came to camera apparatus. In the film’s initial fight sequence on the bridge, when our sort of superhero, Mr. Reynolds, decked up in red spandex, hunts down some evil men on motorcycles, the movie crew used a one of a kind, fully electric motorbike, probably the best e-bike in earth, loaded with a camera to get hold of the action shots.


At times in Hollywood, getting the best shot says getting prolific with camera skills. The movie’s director, Tim Miller, brought in stunt master Regis Harrington to ride what the movie team calls the cycle cam. Regis is one of the film business’ high stunt drivers from New Orleans, but this motorcycle was not a regular ride. The back of the Z79 bike was loaded with almost 80 to 100 pounds of precious camera apparatus, plus one more 60 or so pounds of batteries, that also served to balance the load.

The scene with the bride was shot as Regis weaved in and out of a mesh of cars, following running away motorcycles on the customized cycle cam. Since the Z79 is entirely electric, there were no motor vibrations to the camera. No matter what happens to the bike, the camera itself maintains a précised movement to it. On top of that, to create the ride that much flat, the camera equipment was framed upon a perked up head so that even if Regis hit a bump or rode over something in the road. The camera would still be able to get an interrupted, smooth shot.

They practiced the entire scene for almost two days so that the whole shot with Deadpool would be shot very quickly and smoothly. The timing was critical, and getting the actions well synced was an absolute priority. All the activities were roped in with Deadpool’s movement as it involved running and chasing of Deadpool’s motorcycle.


A lot of extra components were added to the ZF9 to make it camera-worthy and capture all the shooting and chasing scenes. This is different from general motorbikes given the speed of the vehicles. It was a massive vehicle to control.

As might be expected, car traffic and cycle cams and motorcycles aside, the shot was also packed with many scenes showing Deadpool counting off skills, admonishing him, and carrying out rotating katana death jumps.

So with this peek at creations like the cycle cam, now we know what goes on behind the shots if frequently just thrilling, as well as Mr. Reynolds smacking butts in red spandex.

Capturing it the right way with our camera bike took a lot of planning because weaving in and out of the very tight vehicle involved a very skilled driver. Regis trained the other stunt riders on the set, as well.

Tim Miller, the movie’s director, needed the audience to get the right feeling from inside the action on for the center car and motorcycle hunt. So he went to the stuntman, Regis Harrington, and hired an unbelievable “cycle cam” developed around an electric Zero S ZF9, the best e-bike to intimately go after and film the action from an “inside” viewpoint.

A steady camera was ascended on the Zero as it knitted its way through the set, hunting the “evil guys” on their Ducati Panigales.

Generally, a machine weighing more than 150 lbs worth of additional apparatus attached to it can be pretty confusing to function, so it would seem that Deadpool was not the only superhero around that day!…

The devil is a part-timer! Is clever, witty and just plain fun.

Around five weeks ago when the anime season was mid-way, the Devil is a part-timer was listed by me as one of the five anime that are worth watching. This anime is not as good as the first one and the quality of the two cannot be matched but still, this is just plain fun to watch.

Devil is a part-timer

The story and the show tells two different perspectives. The story, on the one hand, describes how the defeat of demon and how he escapes into a different world of us, while on the other in the show it is being displayed that what are the emotions of the two characters i.e the demon and the king.

Deconstruction of the “Hero”

Details of the story

The story of the demon is no different than is being shown in almost every play born and brought up on a farm and then suddenly one day she realises that she is the only one who is able to defeat the demon king. The plot gets interesting when she starts reacting to the deeds of the demon in our world. She starts keeping an eye on to him and she also prevents him from doing any good, just like any other play the girl doesn’t take much time to realize that the demon’s actions are not only evil but even beyond that, he started behaving properly and in a nice manner.

Hero’s perception

This scene made her question herself, she found herself stuck between thinking of him as an evil, as she imagined him as such in her own world but in reality, his actions turned out to be same as those of the hero and just a little beyond that. This situation put her into dilemma a d she started questioning herself about the role of her as a hero. Will it be justified if I kill him? Who would like to kill a person who has to mend his ways and has changed into a good person?

Deconstruction of the “Villain”

Outline of the story

The story of the demon side is much more interesting. In the world of the demon, he sent his ministers to conquer the world and they were almost about to succeed but the hero came in between. Thousands of people who were not responsible for anything were killed and the hero thought it to bee the act done for the sake of evil. Later on, we will see that the story takes a turn.

Actual situations

The demon king has a more interesting character, he has an appearance of the human and the audience assumes that he even thinks like a human. The actual truth is being revealed at the start of the series itself. He always thought that killing humans or trying to take over the world is not wrong. The things are however portrayed in a different manner, the audience gets to see that he is living in the world and is always surrounded by the people on a daily basis. He never thinks of harming them instead always thinks and goes that extra mile to protect them.
In our world, the demon is the actual hero.

Deconstruction- Entry level-life in modern Japan.

The setting of the scene depicts that it will be a normal comedy series that consists of the characters from the modern Japan, but gradually it is seen that in reality, it is the opposite.

The demon is seen as the worker of Mcdonald’s and is a perfect employee because of his ambitions and the king’s drive. The demons have a habit of fighting between life and death they treat every situation that way.

The hero, on the other hand, finds herself as a straight man throughout. She is so casual with the life’s struggles that it is so normal for that amidst she takes out time for lunch with pals. The difference is that she is aware of the irony but is not at all amused.

A perfect combination of comedy and drama

The series is so well prepared along with the comedy moments, the situations that we face in our everyday lives is portrayed in a comedy manner. But the tensed situations that are playing in the background goes on with equal pace despite the comedy. Earthquakes, death reports, phone calls all manage to keep the situation tensed.

The destructive end

As the end approaches, the story has some new characters that appear to be more harmful than the characters of the beginning. The comedy is still there but there is destruction as well. Everything seems to be going smooth and the situations are in the hold but the situations between the demon and the king don’t seem to be resolved.


The devil is a part timer season 2 is a Japan-based story but it displays the situations of we live in and about our everyday lives. It is all displayed in a comedian manner, the struggles through which the characters go are surely going to give smiles to your faces. The series is a must watch for those who are fond of comedy and fantasies.…

Top 10: Movie Drinking Games

Well, who does not like to watch movies and especially when we are turning towards fun! After having a hectic lifestyle and chaos in our lives we all want some day or the other where we just want to relax, sit out with friends, take beers in our hand and take the aura of the environment! Drinking games have the power to make bad movie good and good movies better, it’s all about the drink which has been served to you!

Best Movie drinking game

We aren’t here to do mathematics about what is best for you and what is not, but with keeping things in our hands we have collided top 10 movies which are actually best for you to call your group of friends at home, chill with some lip-smacking dishes and get yourself down (with one’s capacity of course).

Let’s get onto the top 10 movie drinking games, Movie drinking games are something which can make your memories more beautiful, just by not accepting a certain set of rules, you can create your own! And trust me, that will give you a kick!

1. Scarface

The movie: Scarface released in 1983 is one of the best movies which should be watched while playing drinking games. You can watch his movie again and again and you won’t feel the boredom! Just be in your state and image yourself playing the character of Pacino who is an immigrant, building a drug empire and high on alcohol.

The Game

•Drink every time when someone says Fuck!
•When Tony kills someone
•When someone says Cocaine (Haha)
•Whenever you see the sunset (You will get it why I am saying, try yourself
•Whenever the movie turns out in a new city

2. Reservoir Dogs

The movie: Released in 1992, a great film which was produced with great direction and filmography. This movie is about characters who play their roles very aggressively. You will see blood, lots of blood in the movie, the story is followed when there jewelry heist one wrong!

The Game

Take a sip whenever
•Anybody says diamond
•Someone says any colour
•Someone says “fuck”
•Someone smokes

3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The movie: Directed by Terry Gilliam, this movie is based on an iconic novel by Hunter Thompson. The screenplay revolves around two characters one is a journalist and other a lawyer. In the whole movie they are high on everything! Just living a good time.

The Game

Take a sip when
•Anybody says drugs.. (Bruh)
•Anyone consumes drugs
•You see hallucination world involving
•Raoul rides a car

4. The Big Lebowski

The movie: Released in 1983, The Big Lebowski is a mysterious movie which revolves around the character named Lebowski who is a millionaire. His wife gets kidnapped then “The Dude” is summoned to negotiate with the kidnapper and release her. The movie gets hilarious with every minute. This is a perfect movie to watch with your friends, call them home, take out drinks from the best American fridge freezer and some delicious to go with it.

The Game

Take a sip when
•Someone gets a strike in bowling
•Someone drinks
•Lebowski says “dude”
•Dude drinks Russian wine

5. Zoolander

The movie: Zoolander is a movie which is a self-creation of human dignity, love, and affection. The character playing in the film is so dignified who wants to save the world, build a school for students who need the most. He shows the elements of humanity in the whole movie!

The Game

Take a sip when
•There is a celebrity cameo
•Someone says “Blue steel”
•Zoolander makes “THAT” face

6. The Lord of the Ring Trilogy

The movie: This movie is adapted from Peter Jackson’s text. The story revolves around a ring where one wants to try to save it and one wants to destroy it. The amazing screenplay was released in between 2000s.

The Game

Take a sip when
•When someone looks at the map
•When someones drink
•When someone talks about food

7. Anything Marvel

The movies: Starting in 2008, Marvel movies are something which is unbeatable. There are more than 20 movies that are being released and has been a super duper hit at the box office! Marvel movies are something which is always the first preference given when you are with your friends enjoying the moment.

The Game

Take a sip when
•There is a fight something
•Stan Lee makes his cameo
•Somebody talks about another Marvel movie
•Something explodes

8. Hangover

The movie: Hangover is an epic which is must watch with your friends! The story outlines the life of the group of friends who are drunken, partying on one of the bachelor’s party and wake up the next morning without any clue of what happened last night. And guess what out will find that the groom is missing, and then the story follows with a climax

The Game

Take a sip when
•You see neon lights
•Someone gets hurt
•You see Las Vegas landmark

9. Wall of the street

The movie: Released in 2003, the movie is all about a character who achieved all his life to get the power of money and when he witnessed the rise of his money, his downfall started and he got engaged in corruption and crime.

The Game

Take a sip whenever
•He commits something wrong
•You laugh
•You see money
•You see boobs

10. Bonus: Making a Murderer

The movie: This is not actually a movie but a series, if you are a Netflix lover then you will be overwhelmed with this tragic mystery. A documentary which will make you drink more (Haha) may be 2, maybe five or may be high on shots!

The Game

Take a sip whenever
•You find someone innocent
•You see Ariel shot
•You see character’s hairstyle changes

With these top 10 amazing movies, you don’t have to plan for a vacation or sit in boredom with your friends! Choose your genre, select your movie, bring out some ice, some bottles, order food and then you are all set.…

Meet Ben Canales, Timelapse Wizard

Ben Canales, award-winning photographer, and member of the Uncage the Soul production team that joined us on the river last fall reflects on the challenges and the landscapes that inspired the hours he spent not sleeping, but instead capturing gorgeous timelapse footage alongside the Green & Colorado rivers.

Tasked to shoot timelapse on our Green and Colorado River trip was a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging new experience. With limited resources of time to download media cards and opportunities to charge batteries, I had to be selective of the moments to shoot a multi-hour and 20-60 sized gigabyte timelapse sequence. It was important to learn the natural forecasting signs in the weather patterns and gauge the potential “worth” of shooting a particular moment and location. Would these afternoon clouds hold and provide a reflection for sunset colors? If the river is oriented 187 degrees South, what was the chance the Moon would rise in the canyon? And if so, when in the night might it clear the steep canyon walls, and where? Would it be better to timelapse this camp location at sunset or sunrise? Should I setup down by the river or take the time (and risk missing the sunset) to hike up on the higher rocks for a view up high?

Although these questions were important and there were plenty more to fret over–ultimately–what I remember most is the joy of getting lost in the river’s world. By that, I mean… it’s wonderful to be so connected to the immediate things that you can sincerely forget what day in the week it is. My world became sunrises and sunsets, star rotational directions and moon paths, cloud patterns and which direction would the shadows dance on the canyon walls. Many nights I was brewing a pot of coffee to get ready to go shoot night timelapses while everyone else was settling to sleep. I loved the novelty of quietly tiptoeing through camp to setup my gear at 2am to the sounds of snoring. Even exhausted and slightly cranky, there’s a unique contentment to have stayed up all night shooting stars and into the sunset and then be able to welcome my friends to a new day as they groggily came out of their tents. I look back on these memories with immense fondness. 

– Ben Canales

Roy Webb in the Utah Adventure Journal

Utah Adventure Journal

Roy Webb, our Lead Advisor for Les Voyageurs, recently wrote an article about the French Trio, and his adventure as part of the film crew this past fall, for the Utah Adventure Journal. Roy is a leading authority on Western river history and originally uncovered the lost story of the Trio more than 20 years ago.

Les Voyageurs

Since the inception of Les Voyageurs, Roy has been a key advisor for the project, offering both archival materials related to the French Trio and his own insight on their historic voyage.

We were lucky enough to have Roy join us for the production trip through Lodore Canyon last September. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the area played a large part in the success of the production trip. Roy continues to be a key advisor for the film and we enjoyed all the memories reading his most recent article about the French Trio.

Read the article here.

If you’re a talented writer and would like to join the Les Voyageurs team, please contact us at [email protected] to see how you can help.…

Moab River Rendezvous

To see the story of the French Trio told in documentary form has been a dream of Roy Webb’s for more than 25 years. That dream was finally realized.

Director Ian McCluskey had promised Roy a special rough cut screening at the Moab River Rendezvous. Roy shares his experience:

Any good river story starts with “there I was…” So, there I was, in Moab, Utah’s Star Hall, eagerly awaiting my first viewing of the long-awaited and much-anticipated documentary Les Voyageurs Sans Trace. When I say “long-awaited,” I really mean it; I first learned about the 1938 color film made by Bernard de Colmont on his journey down the Green and Colorado Rivers with his young bride Genevieve and their friend Antoine de Seynes in 1986. As soon as I saw a grainy videotape copy of it, I knew this would make a wonderful documentary.

So like the ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes, who carried a lantern searching for an honest man, I corralled everyone I saw with a video camera and asked them if they would be interested in making a documentary. I never got any takers, though, and had just about given up, when one day my phone rang in my office at the University of Utah. On the other end was Ian McCluskey of NW Documentary, who was, if not that honest man (ha ha!) was a documentary filmmaker and was interested in the story of the French Trio.

Many things led to others, and as Ian said in his opening remarks at the Sneak Preview, there was a harmonic convergence of time, talent, willing sponsors, and experts in various documentary film arts that came together in September 2012 to re-create the French Trio’s epic journey and shoot footage for Ian’s proposed documentary.

I was lucky enough to get to share part of that voyage, even though the energy of the film crew just about did me in, being twice their age and too long eddied out behind a desk in the University library to keep up with them. Other harmonies brought Ian and a crew to France to track down the descendants of the original French kayakers, and to find one of their fragile wood and canvas kayaks which had somehow survived not only the rigors of the journey down the wild Green and Colorado, but being used to escape from Nazi-occupied France in World War II and become a venerated relic of French Special Forces Commandos!

So as I sat in the darkened Star Hall with a large audience of local residents, river runners, and attendees at the 6th Annual Moab River Rendezvous, I felt about like you feel at the top of a big rapid. You’re sure it will turn out OK but there’s always a lingering doubt; what if there’s an unexpected lateral wave or a gust of wind? And despite my constant hints, badgering, pleadings, Ian had not let me see an advance copy of the film; I had waited this long, he said, so I could wait a while longer.

You know how sometimes in movies you find yourself sneaking covert looks at your watch or your phone, wondering how much longer this thing is going to go on? Did. Not. Happen. At all. Ninety minutes later, all doubts were totally erased. We, I, all of us, were transported by the story unfolding on the screen. I found myself misting up at a couple of spots, feeling emotional at the travails, the courage, the determination of the French Trio and enthralled at the artistry of Ian’s story-telling.

The audience of river runners, locals, and tourists, sat for a second or two in stunned silence as the lights came up, and then broke into loud and sustained applause. As the audience filed out, everyone was talking excitedly about the movie, about how totally involved they were in the story, how much they loved the shooting, how well the original story was woven into the re-creation of the journey.

Me, my first reaction was, ”I want to see it again!” I would totally sit right back down and watch the whole thing again. And then again, it was that compelling.

Every good river story starts with “There I was…” and, as the old joke goes, ends with “and that’s no shit!” Les Voyageurs Sans Trace is a story that will not only enthrall river runners, but anyone who has ever felt the urge to set out on a great adventure. And that’s no shit.

–Roy Webb

Meet Audio Maven Alison

Though often overlooked, audio is essential to a great documentary. There is a common saying, in fact: “Good audio will carry bad video, but bad audio cannot carry good video.” So when it came to picking who to take down the river to record the audio, we knew we needed someone exceptional.

Not only would they have to survive the grueling 15-hour days, in the sun, mud, and mosquitoes of a 30-day river trip, they’d have one shot at making sure each interview was recorded without error. Any technical problem in the field could have ruined the trip. Luckily we had Alison. She joined us for both the river trip and our two week road trip across France. She’s now sorting the 100s of hours of recordings.

Going through the audio from the river and creating a sound library for the film has been a great experience.

Normally ambient audio for films of this sort are recorded at other, more convenient locations, such as Multnomah Falls, and I’m thrilled that we can uphold the integrity of the Green and Colorado Rivers, along with all the other amazing locations we visited, by using real, honest audio from those spots.  Additionally, hearing the crew’s voices and laughter in between takes has really brought me back-we had an amazing crew on this production, and it’s been a unique experience to be able to listen back on some amazing moments and memories.

I still have a bit of audio to go through, and I can’t wait to discover what clips and memories I find next.

– Alison Grayson…