The devil is a part-timer! Is clever, witty and just plain fun.

Around five weeks ago when the anime season was mid-way, the Devil is a part-timer was listed by me as one of the five anime that are worth watching. This anime is not as good as the first one and the quality of the two cannot be matched but still, this is just plain fun to watch.

Devil is a part-timer

The story and the show tells two different perspectives. The story, on the one hand, describes how the defeat of demon and how he escapes into a different world of us, while on the other in the show it is being displayed that what are the emotions of the two characters i.e the demon and the king.

Deconstruction of the “Hero”

Details of the story

The story of the demon is no different than is being shown in almost every play born and brought up on a farm and then suddenly one day she realises that she is the only one who is able to defeat the demon king. The plot gets interesting when she starts reacting to the deeds of the demon in our world. She starts keeping an eye on to him and she also prevents him from doing any good, just like any other play the girl doesn’t take much time to realize that the demon’s actions are not only evil but even beyond that, he started behaving properly and in a nice manner.

Hero’s perception

This scene made her question herself, she found herself stuck between thinking of him as an evil, as she imagined him as such in her own world but in reality, his actions turned out to be same as those of the hero and just a little beyond that. This situation put her into dilemma a d she started questioning herself about the role of her as a hero. Will it be justified if I kill him? Who would like to kill a person who has to mend his ways and has changed into a good person?

Deconstruction of the “Villain”

Outline of the story

The story of the demon side is much more interesting. In the world of the demon, he sent his ministers to conquer the world and they were almost about to succeed but the hero came in between. Thousands of people who were not responsible for anything were killed and the hero thought it to bee the act done for the sake of evil. Later on, we will see that the story takes a turn.

Actual situations

The demon king has a more interesting character, he has an appearance of the human and the audience assumes that he even thinks like a human. The actual truth is being revealed at the start of the series itself. He always thought that killing humans or trying to take over the world is not wrong. The things are however portrayed in a different manner, the audience gets to see that he is living in the world and is always surrounded by the people on a daily basis. He never thinks of harming them instead always thinks and goes that extra mile to protect them.
In our world, the demon is the actual hero.

Deconstruction- Entry level-life in modern Japan.

The setting of the scene depicts that it will be a normal comedy series that consists of the characters from the modern Japan, but gradually it is seen that in reality, it is the opposite.

The demon is seen as the worker of Mcdonald’s and is a perfect employee because of his ambitions and the king’s drive. The demons have a habit of fighting between life and death they treat every situation that way.

The hero, on the other hand, finds herself as a straight man throughout. She is so casual with the life’s struggles that it is so normal for that amidst she takes out time for lunch with pals. The difference is that she is aware of the irony but is not at all amused.

A perfect combination of comedy and drama

The series is so well prepared along with the comedy moments, the situations that we face in our everyday lives is portrayed in a comedy manner. But the tensed situations that are playing in the background goes on with equal pace despite the comedy. Earthquakes, death reports, phone calls all manage to keep the situation tensed.

The destructive end

As the end approaches, the story has some new characters that appear to be more harmful than the characters of the beginning. The comedy is still there but there is destruction as well. Everything seems to be going smooth and the situations are in the hold but the situations between the demon and the king don’t seem to be resolved.


The devil is a part timer season 2 is a Japan-based story but it displays the situations of we live in and about our everyday lives. It is all displayed in a comedian manner, the struggles through which the characters go are surely going to give smiles to your faces. The series is a must watch for those who are fond of comedy and fantasies.

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