Top 10: Movie Drinking Games

Well, who does not like to watch movies and especially when we are turning towards fun! After having a hectic lifestyle and chaos in our lives we all want some day or the other where we just want to relax, sit out with friends, take beers in our hand and take the aura of the environment! Drinking games have the power to make bad movie good and good movies better, it’s all about the drink which has been served to you!

Best Movie drinking game

We aren’t here to do mathematics about what is best for you and what is not, but with keeping things in our hands we have collided top 10 movies which are actually best for you to call your group of friends at home, chill with some lip-smacking dishes and get yourself down (with one’s capacity of course).

Let’s get onto the top 10 movie drinking games, Movie drinking games are something which can make your memories more beautiful, just by not accepting a certain set of rules, you can create your own! And trust me, that will give you a kick!

1. Scarface


The movie: Scarface released in 1983 is one of the best movies which should be watched while playing drinking games. You can watch his movie again and again and you won’t feel the boredom! Just be in your state and image yourself playing the character of Pacino who is an immigrant, building a drug empire and high on alcohol.

The Game

•Drink every time when someone says Fuck!
•When Tony kills someone
•When someone says Cocaine (Haha)
•Whenever you see the sunset (You will get it why I am saying, try yourself
•Whenever the movie turns out in a new city

2. Reservoir Dogs

The movie: Released in 1992, a great film which was produced with great direction and filmography. This movie is about characters who play their roles very aggressively. You will see blood, lots of blood in the movie, the story is followed when there jewelry heist one wrong!

The Game

Take a sip whenever
•Anybody says diamond
•Someone says any colour
•Someone says “fuck”
•Someone smokes

3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The movie: Directed by Terry Gilliam, this movie is based on an iconic novel by Hunter Thompson. The screenplay revolves around two characters one is a journalist and other a lawyer. In the whole movie they are high on everything! Just living a good time.

The Game

Take a sip when
•Anybody says drugs.. (Bruh)
•Anyone consumes drugs
•You see hallucination world involving
•Raoul rides a car

4. The Big Lebowski

The movie: Released in 1983, The Big Lebowski is a mysterious movie which revolves around the character named Lebowski who is a millionaire. His wife gets kidnapped then “The Dude” is summoned to negotiate with the kidnapper and release her. The movie gets hilarious with every minute. This is a perfect movie to watch with your friends, call them home, take out drinks from the best American fridge freezer and some delicious to go with it.

The Game

Take a sip when
•Someone gets a strike in bowling
•Someone drinks
•Lebowski says “dude”
•Dude drinks Russian wine

5. Zoolander

The movie: Zoolander is a movie which is a self-creation of human dignity, love, and affection. The character playing in the film is so dignified who wants to save the world, build a school for students who need the most. He shows the elements of humanity in the whole movie!

The Game

Take a sip when
•There is a celebrity cameo
•Someone says “Blue steel”
•Zoolander makes “THAT” face

6. The Lord of the Ring Trilogy

The movie: This movie is adapted from Peter Jackson’s text. The story revolves around a ring where one wants to try to save it and one wants to destroy it. The amazing screenplay was released in between 2000s.

The Game

Take a sip when
•When someone looks at the map
•When someones drink
•When someone talks about food

7. Anything Marvel

The movies: Starting in 2008, Marvel movies are something which is unbeatable. There are more than 20 movies that are being released and has been a super duper hit at the box office! Marvel movies are something which is always the first preference given when you are with your friends enjoying the moment.

The Game

Take a sip when
•There is a fight something
•Stan Lee makes his cameo
•Somebody talks about another Marvel movie
•Something explodes

8. Hangover

The movie: Hangover is an epic which is must watch with your friends! The story outlines the life of the group of friends who are drunken, partying on one of the bachelor’s party and wake up the next morning without any clue of what happened last night. And guess what out will find that the groom is missing, and then the story follows with a climax

The Game

Take a sip when
•You see neon lights
•Someone gets hurt
•You see Las Vegas landmark

9. Wall of the street

The movie: Released in 2003, the movie is all about a character who achieved all his life to get the power of money and when he witnessed the rise of his money, his downfall started and he got engaged in corruption and crime.

The Game

Take a sip whenever
•He commits something wrong
•You laugh
•You see money
•You see boobs

10. Bonus: Making a Murderer

The movie: This is not actually a movie but a series, if you are a Netflix lover then you will be overwhelmed with this tragic mystery. A documentary which will make you drink more (Haha) may be 2, maybe five or may be high on shots!

The Game

Take a sip whenever
•You find someone innocent
•You see Ariel shot
•You see character’s hairstyle changes

With these top 10 amazing movies, you don’t have to plan for a vacation or sit in boredom with your friends! Choose your genre, select your movie, bring out some ice, some bottles, order food and then you are all set.

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